Trent Williams has demanded to be traded or released from Washington. In a public statement to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Williams’ agent Vince Taylor deemed this action to be “in the best interest” for both camps due to “irreconcilable differences” and Washington being “unable to negotiate a trade of Williams”.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport confirmed that Washington has and had been actively trying to shop the seven-time Pro Bowler, but due to Williams’ large contract demands, teams are unwilling to offer Washington “top dollar” in terms of draft compensation.

Charley Casserly, who had been ahead on this situation and deemed that money was in fact a key component in Trent’s holdout, joined The Brian Mitchell Show w/ Scott Linn on The Team 980/95.9FM to address the latest news stemming from Williams’ camp.

“In talking to the reporters from the NFL Network, there wasn’t market for him,” said Casserly. “He wanted top dollar, he wanted to be paid at the top and supposedly the Washington Football Team were looking for a second, which I think is more than fair, and they didn’t see any market going on for him.”

Casserly suggests that the best-case-scenario would be for a deal to get done after April’s NFL Draft.

“Now you wait until after the draft, and the team that doesn’t get a tackle, that’s the team that may step up at that point,” Casserly states. “That doesn’t help the Washington Football Team in this year’s draft and teams may just say ‘I’m not going to give up a pick in this year’s draft. I’ll wait until after the draft. If I get a tackle in the draft, I won’t have to worry about it’.”

The former Washington Football Team general manager says that’s where things were at the start of the free-agency.

In other Washington Football Team news, Casserly believes the Washington Football Team have another hole to fill after cornerback Quinton Dunbar was shipped off to Seattle.

“To give this guy a contract extension at the number he would want, you just couldn’t do that.”

Casserly believes Cornerback will be a position that the Washington Football Team focus on in the draft.

Before letting his former general manager go, Brian Mitchell, who is an 11-seed in the Ultimate DC Sports Star Madness, asked Casserly, who is a 16-seed, how he thinks he’s going to fare against number-one seeded Darryl Green.

“I’d vote for him,” Casserly laughed. “Not too many 16 seeds beat 1 seeds.”



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