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When it comes to horror movies everyone knows that if the Black guy doesn’t die first, he at least goes in the initial top three pickoffs. While over the years we’ve seen this trend change due to the criticism of the obvious practice it’s still an issue that doesn’t sit well with the culture.

In Shudder’s upcoming documentary Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror this issue and many others concerning Black people in horror films is explored. Ranging on topics of everything from the Black stereotypes portrayed in horror films to the Black heroes in them today, actors and writers such as Keith David (The Thing), Tony Todd (Candyman), and Jordan Peele (Get Out) explain the evolution of the Black character in horror films.

“Black films hold a mirror up to society,” Jordan Peele explains. “But at the same time give an audience an escape.” This helps explain why Jordan Peele has such a good grasp on how to make effective horror films like Get Out and Us.

Check out the trailer for Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror below and let us know if you’ll be opening up a subscription to Shudder come February 7th to peep this.

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