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Yesterday (April 12) Netflix dropped their newest episode of its latest hit docuseries Tiger King and while it didn’t feature either of its two breakout stars, Joe Exotic or Carole Baskin, it did have some new interesting tidbits from the cast and crew that were involved in the wildness that was the Tiger King saga.

But the Daily Beast seems to have gotten a bigger scoop of gossip as Rick Kirkham revealed some pretty foul behavior from Joe Exotic that the docu-series didn’t cover. Calling Joe Exotic “one of the most evil people I’ve met in my entire life,” Rick dismisses any notion that people may have of a Joe Exotic who loved and took care of the animals in his zoo.

“He treated the animals terribly, he treated the people that he worked with terribly. I can’t imagine any more evil a person, and for people to actually find sympathy for him? That blows my mind.”

We concur. It doesn’t take a genius to see that Joe Exotic is off his rocker in more ways than one but his newfound fans hang on to the illusion of a man who only wants to live a happy life with his husbands and caged man eating cats. While the former might be true, the latter seems to be very far from it as Kirkham vividly remembers the horrors Exotic’s tigers were subjected to.

“I witnessed him shoot and kill two tigers for no reason whatsoever, just because he was pissed off at them,” says Kirkham. “One of them tried to get at him in a cage, and so he said, ‘Hey Rick, watch this! Shoot this,’ and I videotaped him shooting one right in the head. The other one was, Joe had been in surgery and tried to wake up early, and he was so scared of one of the tigers that he shot and killed the thing.”

What in the f*ck?! It seems more and more likely that Joe was indeed the mastermind behind the bombing of his own studio where Kirkham kept all his documentary recordings, doesn’t it?

But Tigers weren’t the only animals on the property who would fall victim to Joe’s wrath for on any given day chickens found out that Exotic wouldn’t hesitate to pluck them from existence.

“It was typical in a given morning that if Joe was in a bad mood, he’d walk down “Tiger Row”—which is where all the tiger cages were—and we had wild chickens that ran around everywhere in the zoo, and he’d just be pissed and kick one of these chickens into the cage so that these tigers could just rip it to shreds. That was just the kind of guy he was. He enjoyed seeing people and animals hurt. He enjoyed it. He got off on it.”

Yeah, Donald Trump just might grant Joe his pardon if for no other reason than because they both enjoy seeing anyone who isn’t them in pain.

Joe Exotic is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence for trying to have his tiger rival, Carole Baskin, murdered via a hitman.

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