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It’s not secret that police officers treat white people a whole helluva lot different than Black and Brown Americans but encouraging vandalism in the name of George Floyd?! That a whole new level of “WTF?!”

Yesterday TMZ posted a video of LAPD officers not only encouraging a white woman to continue spray panting “BLM” on a smashed store front, but even instructed her to include George Floyd’s name in her bombing.

Well at that a b*tch.

After seeing she had a greenlight to vandalize while white, she proceeded to write “Floyd” on the business window much to the entertainment of the boys in blue in attendance. We can only imagine how things would’ve turned out had that woman been a person of color.

Elsewhere police have been recorded pushing around and assaulting peaceful protestors of color who want nothing to do with the riots, looting or vandalism as it takes away from the message the protests are meant to represent: Black Lives Matter.

As for the cops who encouraged the destruction of property, officials say they’re reviewing the incident. Sure, guy.

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