Source: THE VIEW – Viola Davis is the guest, Monday, October 2, 2017 on ABC’s “The View.” “The View” airs Monday-Friday (11:00 am-12:00 pm, ET) on the ABC Television Network. (Photo by Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images) VIOLA DAVIS 

Black excellence comes in many forms but it is a tough task to out glow a queen. One of our brightest stars is once again changing the narrative of how we are perceived.

Viola Davis is gracing the cover of Vanity Fair. The July/August edition features her in all her glory wearing a dark blue number dress with her back exposed. To add to the Black Girl Magic she is wearing her hair out naturally in grand fashion. Additionally the visuals were captured by Black photographer and artist Dario Calmese, a first in the publication’s 125-year history.

This feature not only highlights her beauty and poise but also gave a her forum to detail some of the highs and lows of her life; specifically her younger days growing up in Rhode Island. “When I was younger I did not exert my voice because I did not feel worthy of having a voice. [They] looked at me and said I was pretty. Who’s telling a dark-skinned girl that she’s pretty? Nobody says it. I’m telling you, Sonia, nobody says it. The dark-skinned Black woman’s voice is so steeped in slavery and our history,” she explained.

Davis also revealed that she now regrets her role in The Help. “There’s no one who’s not entertained by The Help. But there’s a part of me that feels like I betrayed myself, and my people, because I was in a movie that wasn’t ready to [tell the whole truth]”.

You can read the rest of the feature here.

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