Man shot by Sheriff in South LA

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It has happened again.

Yesterday (August 31), police in Los Angeles shot and killed another Black man when he ran away from police after officers tried to stop him for a “bicycle code violation.” According to News One, 29-year-old Dijon Kizzee became the latest Black man to fall victim to trigger happy police officers from the LA Sheriff’s Department in Los Angeles. While the killing sparked protests in LA on Monday night, the LASD tried to justify the shooting by saying that Kizzee dropped a gun and ran away before “assaulting” an officer and ultimately being shot dead on the scene. Even as he laid there lifeless on the pavement, police proceeded to handcuff Kizzee’s hands behind his back because, well, y’all know.

LA County Sheriff’s department took to their Twitter page to justify the barrage of bullets that ended the life of Kizzee saying the confrontation between the 29-year-old and police led to officers allegedly letting off 20+ bullets during the incident.

A before and after video of the encounter has been making it’s way around social media and though it doesn’t show Dijon with a gun or the hail of gunfire, you can see police handcuff the dead man as if he was still a threat. Witnesses say that Dijon was carrying clothes while he was shot dead.

The shooting sparked protests last night at the South LA Sheriff’s Station where protestors demanded answers for the shooting.

The Sheriff’s department for their part denied that 20+ shots were fired at Dijon Kizzee and are saying the incident is currently being “investigated.” We all know what that means. While they first said he was armed with a gun during the encounter, they now say he was unarmed as he dropped the gun and ran before being killed by officers in the street. Who knows what they’ll say next time they try to justify their excessive use of deadly force. Don’t be surprised when they pull out his “rap sheet” and paint him as a menace to society.

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