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The global pandemic has shifted the usual ebb and flow of performance venues, nightlife, and the valuable open mic nights for the up and coming stars of the future. Jägermeister, recognizing the need for innovation in these times, has partnered with a quartet of musicians known for pushing the creative envelope with a chance for a once in a lifetime mentoring session.

Jägermeister’s “Meister Class” Sessions is a new campaign launched by the German digestif brand that came to prominence in the states under the guidance of Sidney Frank, joining with the multi-faceted St. Louis singer, rapper, and songwriter, Interscope’s Smino, and Atlanta’s dynamic duo of Olu and WoGr8, collectively known as EarthGang from the potent Dreamville/Interscope collective.

The “Meister Class” Sessions will grant a select number of musicians and artists the opportunity to work directly with Smino and EarthGang after showcasing their creative gifts via the new series. Universal Music Group and Brands is on board to help facilitate the delivery of content across digital channels and provide the tools and environment for the collaborations to feel organic as possible.

After submitting their showcase performances, participants will be selected and will be granted the opportunity to work alongside 10 Summer Records founder Mustard for a one-on-one mentoring session and work with the super-producer on original tracks that will drop near the end of the fourth quarter this year.

“2020 has been a tough year; however, there are still opportunities, like what Jägermeister’s “Meister Class” sessions are offering, for emerging and unknown artists to have their music heard”” said Mustard in a press statement. “If you’re serious about getting in the music business check out this program and submit your work!”

It should be noted that Jägermeister, a staple in the bar and performance venue industry, has launched the Save The Night program to bolster the scene as the world heads back to normal slowly and surely.

For artists interested in contributing their work for approval, visit the “Meister Class” Sessions site here for more.

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Photo: Jägermeister

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