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Thirty-six years after Salt-N-Pepa brought some empowerment for women into the rap game the OG Hip-Hop duo are once again getting some much deserved shine and are ready to talk about some things from their past before the premier of their Lifetime film, Salt-N-Pepa.

Checking in with The Breakfast Club remotely from the comfort of their own homes, Salt-N-Pepa touch on quite a bevy of topics and even reveal some gems that fans might’ve never heard before.

From giving us an update about their court battle with DJ Spinderella to revealing that they were very close to collaborating with Notorious B.I.G., the hour long interview is filled with entertainment, insight, and of course, humor.

Here are the 10 things we learned from Salt-N-Peppa on The Breakfast Club.

Salt admits that she had reservations about the Salt-N-Pepa bio premiering on the Lifetime Network because, well, it is Lifetime. Pepa for her part was hoping their story would hit theaters, but in the end they were content with Lifetime showing interest. Ultimately Salt feels that the finished product is “satisfactory” though she wishes more of their OG music was featured in the film.


Touching on their drama with DJ Spinderella, Salt says that the lawsuit has been settled but Pepa refuses to say her name joking that it’ll cost them $50K every time she does. Salt explains that though Spinderella is synonymous with the group, she and Pepa were already established when Spin was added to the group. Though they tried to work out the money issues with her over the years, apparently Spin never felt content with her share.

Salt remembers working at Sears with Martin Lawrence, Kid-N-Play, Hurby Luv Bug as kids and recalls Martin talking about wanting to be a comedian. Unfortunately Salt said “I didn’t think he was that funny.” Luckily millions across the globe felt otherwise.

Salt remembers when she was dating Hurby she was there when he got his first drum machine and admits she learned a lot from him and appreciates it. “With Hurby, I got Salt-N-Pepa. With my ex-husband, I got my two kids.”

Peppa admits that whenever she felt she might’ve been getting jerked on her royalties she’d call in accountants to make sure she was straight. That being said she felt Salt was put in a difficult position whenever she brought up the subject and “it was too much for her at the time” as Salt’s ex-hubby was their manager at the time. Salt disagrees about those sentiments. Salt on the other hand remembers that Hurby actually wanted to replace Pepa at one point but Salt says she deaded that talk saying “There’s no Pepa without this Pepa.”

Before they laid down the track and made history, Salt says they weren’t too keen on recording “Push It” because “we didn’t understand the song. It was so out of the vein of what we were used to.” Luckily they did and it turned out to be their breakthrough hit and biggest song to date.

As for why there weren’t many Salt-N-Pepa collaborations back in the day, Salt feels the reason behind it was that “we were so different, they didn’t know where to put us… we were different. It was hurtful.” She also remembers talking with Pepa about their lack of collaborations and why people wouldn’t reach out to them for features. Eventually they linked up with En Vogue and dropped another classic.

Pepa remembers that she had actually locked down a Salt-N-Pepa collaboration with Biggie himself and right before they were set to take flight to LA to get to their studio session, Big was shot and killed. Damn, that would’ve been next level in ’97.

Pepa says she got into a car accident via an Uber and was actually had her spine crushed and sustained injuries to her neck. Afterwards she ended up suing a doctor for unnecessary surgery invoices. That’s how they’ll get ya.

Salt explained she didn’t want too much of her personal life in the Lifetime film because people like her ex or her father “didn’t sign up to be in the movie” and felt it wasn’t her place to really delve into those relationships without their consent.

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