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As we approach the midway point of Black History Month, an upcoming Black GOP candidate running for Governor is calling for the necessary month to be celebrated no more.

According to the official Instagram page of Michigan businessman and “deeply conservative” Governor candidate, Austin Chenge, part of his mission if elected is to “cancel Black History Month” because it’s “offensive” to non-Black students.

“I will cancel #BlackHistoryMonth in #Michigan. It’s offensive, unfair, maybe illegal,” the emboldened yet confused candidate wrote. “Americans from all backgrounds deserve a revered history. I’ll declare American History Month.”

Other problematic action items on Chenge’s political agenda include removing the accountable Dominion voting systems in favor of the inaccurately declared rigged systems touted by the Trump administration and campaign and is also documented in participating in “Stop the Steal” protests, before championing the insurrectionists after the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, saying “some of them were overcome by passion, more passion than others and may have acted in a way that they didn’t intend to when they went there.”

The day after the deadly Jan. 6 attack, Chenge tweeted evermore support for the deadly but failed attack that led to the death of five people, including two police officers, stating the violent mob was just “doing everything necessary to protect their American was of life.”

“#CapitolBuilding : Yesterday, I saw Americans doing everything necessary to ensure their God-given freedoms, their rights and their #American way of life, some were overwhelmed by more passion than others, but all for the love of their country. Austin For #Governor of Michigan.”

Austin Chenge, a Nigerian immigrant that became a permanent citizen in 2013 after establishing permanent residency in 2008,  is the first candidate to announce that he is challenging current Governor Gretchen Whitmer in the 2022 gubernatorial race. He’s listed as an entrepreneur, operating a product and software design company, and has never held public office.

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