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Fredo Bang’s been in the rap game for a few years now, and though he’s still looking for his true breakout record in the game, he’s made quite the name for himself in the South plus certain circles and is now looking to ride that buzz from coast to coast.

Earlier this week, the Baton Rouge rapper swung by The Breakfast Club in his Southernplayalistic steez to talk about music, religion, and porn. Seriously.

Answering all questions thrown at him by Angela Yee, DJ Envy, and Charlamagne Tha God, Fredo obviously doesn’t have a problem living his life as an open book and isn’t scared to be judged by fans and listeners regardless of how “embarrassing” something might seem. Gotta respect that.

Here are the 10 things we learned from Fredo Bang.

Though Boosie Badazz is Fredo’s cousin, the two haven’t collaborated on anything to date. Fredo says he ran into him in the airport in Atlanta one time, and Boosie told him they’d work together after they exchanged numbers, “but he ain’t never picked the phone up.” Damn, bro.

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Fredo says that his melodic way of rhyming is due to having been in a school band playing the clarinet and the French horn. He even had a scholarship at one point, but he turned it down because his mother was going through a divorce, and he wanted to be by her side.

Is the Son of The Year award in Hip-Hop a thing yet?

Well, let’s hold off on that SOTY award for now. He says that when he caught an attempted murder charge, he called his mother, who told him, “You done f*cked up now.” Sounds about right. Technically he’s currently serving time for two attempted murder charges. He’s on parole status as we speak.

A fan of women on OnlyFans, Fredo says he doesn’t know how much he spends monthly but spent $200 the other night. That being said, he says he’s upset that PornHub is making their once-free porn videos private.

Though with his fetish for porn well documented, Fredo says he’s practicing abstinence at the time because he’s working on his album and needs to be focused. It must be why he’s all over OnlyFans.

Fredo says he believes in God but doesn’t believe in church or the Bible. “The Bible contradicts itself over and over,” Fredo explains. Still, he does believe in a higher power and gives thanks to God for his blessings even when he’s driving. And yes, he does know “a few” pastors who caught bodies. They must’ve been looking for the holy ghost in some of them fools.

While fans are trying to hook Fredo with YouTuber, Neek, Bang says she’s his “homie,” but lowkey shot his shot when he admitted that he would like for it to go up another level. But he doesn’t want people to control his emotions, so he’s falling back from trying to get cozy with her.

Fredo shoots down rumors that he and NBA YoungBoy have beef. He says he won’t let whatever happened while he was in jail affect him. “Don’t nobody speak for how I feel. If I have personal love for a person, that never change until they do me something wrong. He ain’t never did me nothing wrong.”

Fredo says he dubbed his album Still Most Hated because of the people who are afraid to express their support of his music due to the people who don’t rock with him.

While he was doing his bid, Fredo reveals that he slept next to a man while he was getting raped. Naturally, he minded his own business because “mind your own you live long.” It turns out the victim was prostituting himself out for drugs, and after the seller was done getting his barter on, another dude snuck in and did him dirty.

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