How much does it exactly cost to sell your soul to the devil? We’re betting this assembly of famed Black people who are proud Donald Trump supporters probably have a good idea.

You are entitled believe Donald Trump has the best interest of Black people, or any people, at heart. Doesn’t mean it’s actually true, though.

Here are 11 sell outs who are proudly shucking and jiving for Donald Trump. Starting with…

UPDATE: Peep the last page. Bruh…

Omarosa Manigult

This bird met the Donald on his reality show and has been caping for him ever since. She considers him a father. Pray for her.

Photo: Twitter

Ben Carson

Carson quit his campaign and then endorsed Trump. Mind you, he doesn’t think Trump will be good, but it will only be for four years. Bruh…

Stacey Dash

Dash says that Trump is “street.” We say he’s more hair and butthole than anything else.

Diamond and Silk

Sigh. We prefer to call these women Step and Fetch It. No shots.


Chingy did take back his endorsement. But he’s still a simp for making it happen the first time. Also, it’s Chingy.

Mike Tyson

Iron Mike is still backing his good buddy Trump. Go home Mike, you’re drunk.

Sheriff Clarke

That butthurt cop that Fox News always puts on the air. Yeah, him.

Dennis Rodman

This guy.

National Black Republican Association

Clearly these foolios who endorsed Trump ain’t bumping Nas’ “Black Republican.”

Foxy Brown

photo: WENN

Foxy Brown

Really Fox Boogie? Really?

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