Last week, Tidal dropped the first part to Jay-Z’s in-depth interview with Rap Radar’s own Elliott Wilson and Brian ‘B.Dot’ Miller in which he talked about things like the references he made to Kanye West and Future on his latest album, 4:44, and the controversial line that got some people in the Jewish community up in arms.

Now, Tidal drops the second part of the interview and just like in the first, Hova doesn’t shy away from of the burning questions that fans have been meaning to ask him. From talking about his mother’s sexual preference to his old Hip-Hop beefs, Jay gives the answers that you’ve been waiting for.

Here are the 10 things we learned from Jay-Z, part 2, on Rap Radar.

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Jay-Z and Gloria Carter


1. Mama’z Song

When Jay first recorded “Smile” in which he revealed his mother was a lesbian he didn’t have his mother’s blessing and she said “Absolutely not.” Eventually, she understood the song’s importance.

2. Baby Blue

On that 4:44 bonus track “Blue’s Freestyle/We Family” Blue Ivy took it upon herself to throw on headphones and spit her baby bars and to the surprise of Jay she understood how to flow on a beat. Isn’t surprising as Jay said Blue’s had her own dressing room for 5 years. (Paul Mooney voice) Diva!!

Fat Joe

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3. Fat Joe

That beef between him and Fat Joe, Jay says “it wasn’t even like a big thing between Fat Joe and I. We talked about that in two minutes.”

4. Jim Jones

As far as his drama with newly signed Roc Nation client Jim Jones, Jay says OG Juan helped squashed that because he was fond of him being that he was from Harlem too. He said that wasn’t even a “real problem” compared to what they went through in their previous lives.

5. Rap Beef

Jay says he doesn’t want to have “rap beefs in 2017” saying that he’s had his fair share, had fun and he’s checked out that part of the game.

Mobb Deep

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6. Prodigy

Touching on his now infamouse beef with Mobb Deep’s Prodigy Jay said he had “super respect for Prodigy” and even got the chance to speak to the H.N.I.C. a few years ago. We can only wonder how that conversation went.

7. Top Albums

Even though many of us consider In My Lifetime Vol. 1 an underrated and under-appreciated album of Jay’s (he loves it too), he says he can’t rank it high because he wasn’t happy with the album due to a few missteps he made.

8. Breakouts To Classics

As far as his take on his classic albums, Jay feels that “Volume 2 was the Thriller to Blueprint’s Off The Wall. Makes sense if you think about it. He also admits to hating The Best of Both Worlds 2.

Amy Winehouse

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9. Amy Winehouse

Reminiscing about Amy Winehouse, Jay says the first time he saw her perform was at Joe’s Pub and after she was done performing and drinking on stage she began stuttering. When Jay noticed she was stuttering he told her “Stay with us.”

Stevie Wonder

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10. Stevie Wonder

Jay says that Stevie Wonder left him a “beautiful long voicemail” comparing 4:44 to his classic album Songs In the Key of Life. That meant everything to Jay and let him know “I’m good.”

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