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Nike hates American sneakerheads, allegedly.

Ok ok, we’re exaggerating and in our feelings right now, but Nike is definitely blessing Europeans to the point that sneakerheads on the stateside are screaming “WTF?!” Rumors have begun swirling that once again the Nike SNKRS app will be restocking all kinds of grails on Nike SNKRS Day this August 8th, and just like last year it will be an EU exclusive.

Why? Just… why? Is it because of the bots? The resellers? Did Joe Hebert move across the pond to continue to bank off the SNKRS app?!

Regardless of the reasoning behind the restock being an EU exclusive, all we know is that rumors have it that some heat will be available come August 8. Kicks such as the Travis Scott Air Jordan 6’s, A Ma Manier Air Jordan 3’s, and UNC Air Jordan 1’s are said to be a part of the highly anticipated restock.

Back in the US we have nothing going on for August 8 on any app. Maybe Tinder, who knows?

Now that news of the restock has broken, don’t be surprised if the next flight to the UK is packed with sneakerheads looking to get in on the massive amount of L’s that will be dished out in early August.

What do y’all think of the SNKRS Day restock being an EU exclusive? Let us know in the comments section below.

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