Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams Holds Primary Night Event To Watch Returns

Source: Robert Nickelsberg / Getty

On Tuesday, June 22, New Yorkers flocked to the polls to vote for the city’s next Democratic candidate in the race for the Mayor of New York City and from the looks of it, Eric Adams might end up at the top of the ticket.

According to The New York Times, the Brooklyn borough President is sporting a 9 point lead over his closest contender, Maya Wiley, and even more over the faux Hip-Hop fan, Andrew Yang. Though mail-in votes are still a week away from being counted in the race, it’s looking like Adams’ lead is enough to secure the mayoral bag and feeling confident in his chances, Eric took to the stage at his primary party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to basically declare victory.

“I am going to be your mayor,” said Mr. Adams, who led the field in early results. He added: “The little guy won,” even though final results were not expected for several weeks.”

Sounds a little Trumpian if you ask us. We doubt there will be an insurrection in his name should he end up losing the final vote tally though.

As it sits now, Eric Adams is leading the race with 253K first choice votes with Maya Wiley coming in at 177K and Katherine Garcia trailing at 155K. Andrew Yang couldn’t even break 100K as he’s only received 93,000 first choice votes. Maybe if Andrew Yang was more familiar with Jay-Z’s catalogue (it’s not rocket science for real Hip-Hop heads), he might’ve been above the century mark by now.

Just sayin.’

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