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Tariq Trotter, a.k.a Black Thought is undoubtedly one of Hip-Hop’s greatest MCs, and over the years has only added more luster to his career with The Roots with every bar. A new creative venture will give fans a closer look into the artist that he is today.

On Thursday (July 8th), Black Thought will be the subject of a new audiobook that will debut exclusively in the U.S. as part of the Words + Music series covering the intimate journeys of music artists such as Sheryl Crow, Smokey Robinson and more on Amazon’s Audible platform. 7 Years is an Audible Original that will feature Black Thought giving listeners an inside look into his journey from a rough & tumble childhood in Philadelphia to having to deal with dealing with a justice system targeting him and others like him to gaining critical musical acclaim and navigating that as well as the music industry.

7 Years features Black Thought talking about his life as many are accustomed to him doing, through intricate rhymes and moments of clear-eyed insight that’s relatable to all. The MC shares these stories in increments covering seven years, with a full musical score behind him. In anticipation of the official release, here are exclusive excerpts from 7 Years, the first one touching upon the beginnings of his political awakening with the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan and the MOVE bombing. The second excerpt is a particularly striking one, dealing with his exposure to drug culture through what he saw on the streets of Philadelphia during that time and in his household due to his mother and other family members being drug addicts.

Listen to these exclusive excerpts in full below.

Tariq Trotter on the events that shaped his political awareness:

Tariq Trotter on the drug culture in the ’70’s and ’80s:

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