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New Yorkers of color already know that the NYPD be extra with it whenever they’re not being outright unnecessarily excessive with their actions, but sending out a platoon to take down a graffiti artist might’ve been extra OD forreal forreal.

Gothamist is reporting that on Thursday (August 26) the NYPD descended on in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn after a man was spotted throwing up some Super Mario Bros. inspired art on a water tower located across 67 West Street. Seemingly relatively harmless and creative in its nature, police surrounded the man and as the hours went by more police arrived on the scene to corner the artist as if he had numerous ways to escape a water tower with a single ladder that led up to the top.

Things got so ridiculous that the NYPD not only cordoned off the surrounding area, but also brought in an NYPD helicopter and drone after the man refused to come down. Seriously?!

Naturally residents of the Brooklyn neighborhood saw the absurdness of the resources used by the NYPD to basically give the man a summons for trespassing and defacing private property, but such is life for NYC residents.

“It’s obvious that the police resources are being misappropriated,” said one onlooker, who declined to give his name. “There’s one guy up there. There’s one way up and one way down. It’s absurd.”

The NYPD for their part are proud of the actions taken and the resources used as they probably had the man power to do so as it was probably a slow day in the City that Never Sleeps yesterday.

“During a press conference to address the incident on Thursday afternoon, Wilson Aramboles, the commanding officer of the Emergency Service Unit, praised the officers for finding a “safe resolution” to the incident.”

Then they ask why we scream “Defund the Police.” They using helicopters and drones for graffiti artists. That money could be better used elsewhere. Just sayin.’

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