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For the past few years Cordae’s been one of the few up and coming rappers in this generation’s who’s been able to get much praise and respect from the OG lyricists from Hip-Hop’s Golden Era.

With his latest project, A Birds Eye View dropping today (Jan. 14), the young spitta swung through The Breakfast Club to talk about carving out his own niche in today’s era and growing as a person.

Fielding questions from Angela Yee, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy, Cordae opens up about having his imprisoned brother spit some bars on his album to why his mother won’t quit her job even though he can support her at this point. Though it was a quick interview it was very informative and enlightening as to who Cordae is.

Here are the 8 things we learned from Cordae on The Breakfast Club.

Cordae’s brother opens up his new album spitting bars from jail. Apparently his brother got sentenced to 25 years in prison right after he had turned 18 back in 2017. Though it’s not his blood brother, they grew up in the same household since they were children and consider each other family like that.

Cordae says he wrote “Momma’s Hood” the day after one of his close friends from high school was murdered. He also said he wrote “Jean Michel” during the first days of the pandemic and that’s why he said it feels so dark and gloomy. He uses life as inspiration for his music forreal forreal. He does admit that “Coach Carter” was titled that simply because he was watching the movie that day and decided to add that to his catalogue.

Apparently Cordae’s mama used to make him do chores whenever he would go home, but recently she’s been letting him live and just chill and cook when he’s home.

Even though he’s successful, Cordae’s mama still doesn’t wanna quit her job and continues to work even though he could basically have her set for life. The 40-year-old mother just wants to live her life and keep herself busy instead of staying at home and living high off the hog. Props to her.

While Cordae admits that he feels underrated, he does say he doesn’t want to complain about his status in the game. He adds that until he begins to sell out arenas and concerts he’ll always feel underrated. That’s understandable. His aim within the next few years is to headline stadiums across the globe.

Interestingly enough, Cordae says that Stevie Wonder FaceTimes him here and there even though he’s blind. What you gonna do, NOT pick up a FaceTime from Stevie Wonder?

Even though his girlfriend, Naomi Osaka has way more money than him, he says he still likes to “spoil her.” He even pays for all the dinners. Does she even reach for the check though? Just sayin.’ Wouldn’t hurt to at least act and reach for the check here and there.

Cordae admits that the pandemic helped him grow as a person as he had time to himself and reflect about things. He even went and called people to apologize about things he did in months prior but wouldn’t get into what exactly he did to make him take those actions. Can’t be mad at that at all.

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