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This past Monday (January 31) a shooting erupted at the Kings Plaza Mall in Brooklyn, New York and now authorities have apprehended three suspects they say were involved in the incident.

NY1 is reporting that teenagers Timothy Briggs (19), Jaheim Covington (19), and Omarion Harvey (18) have been arrested and charged for the shootout that left a 14-year-old with a bullet in the leg and grazed another 16-year-old during the incident. Both were treated for their wounds and have been listed in stable condition and expected to recover. The shooting occurred around 2:30 this past Monday when police say the trio was approached by a group of six teenagers at a sneaker store on the first floor of the mall. After getting into an argument, Briggs allegedly pulled out his weapon and let off more than 10 shots before making a dash for the exit.

“Police say they arrested the group of teens a few blocks away from the mall and recovered two guns on the spot. At a press briefing at the scene Monday, NYPD Assistant Chief Michael Kemper said the person they believe to be the shooter has a prior criminal history. He said the teen was arrested in Brooklyn in November after he was found in possession of four guns.”

Briggs has been charged with attempted murder, assault, criminal weapons possession, criminal use of a firearm and reckless endangerment. Covington meanwhile was charged with weapons possession, and both he and Harvey are charged with reckless endangerment. According to Kemper one of the other teens arrested also has priors and was awaiting sentencing for a 2019 shooting when this shootout occurred. This definitely won’t help him on that front.

As to why the two groups were feuding is still unknown but it’s sad to see that these kids immediately jump to shooting one another instead of shooting the fair one and walking away to see another day. Just sayin.’

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