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The Butcher’s here!

After years in the game Benny The Butcher finally made his Breakfast Club debut and kept things 1000 with both DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God. With his next album Tana Talk 4 on the cusp of hitting the streets (February 11), Benny uses his time to promote his next project and opens up about various situations he’s been in thus far in his career.

Touching on what went down in Houston when he got shot to why he hasn’t worked with Jay-Z in the studio yet, The Butcher lets fans in on everything they’ve been wanting to know for a while now and we appreciate him for that (and his music).

Here are the 10 things we learned from Benny The Butcher on The Breakfast Club.

Benny admits that when his Buffalo Bills lost in the playoffs a few weeks ago, he stopped taking calls. He said he needed a break from following the team all season and spending paper on going to the game. To him, the Bills winning a Super Bowl would be worth more than winning $10 million on a bet. That’s deep.

Talking about his deal with Shady Records, Benny says he didn’t make any money off of it but it was about “the move that that move set up.” He says he signed to a major label (Def Jam) simply because he wanted to “expand my reach.”

When he was first offered a deal from Def Jam, Benny says the numbers were so low he threw it out. Knowing they had to sign him, Def Jam had Snoop give him a call and after chopping it up and stating what he wanted to sign, the deal got done and Benny’s officially on Def Jam.

Speaking on why he hasn’t dropped his record with Drake, Benny says it’s not his decision saying “You know how this shit go. It’s so much yellow tape to put these records out. It’s all about timing.” Guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer before we can bump a Benny and Drizzy record. He reveals that he actually has a couple of records with Drake in the chamber but only one might actually see the light of day.

Benny says he did his first bid at 18-years-old and had been in and out of prison until he was 27. After that he knew he didn’t want to be in and out of the bing until his 40’s, so he decided to make a change to his lifestyle and pursue the rap game with the help of Westside Gunn who was about to sign a deal with Interscope.

Interestingly enough, Benny did a bid in the same prison as Jay-Z’s homie, Emory Jones who was sentenced to 16 years for cocaine trafficking in 2000. That being the case, Benny says he wants that Roc-A-Fella chain on his person and is working towards obtaining one.

While it would make sense for Benny and Jay-Z to get on a record together, The Butcher says that Hov turned down his request for a feature saying he wasn’t in that “space” at the moment. He sis fly out to LA to meet Jay when Jay had an idea for a song but it never materialized. Come on, Jay, make this happen, b.

Before COVID hit the world, Benny said he had a good deal on the table with RCA but after the pandemic hit they dropped the numbers because business slowed up and Benny backed out of the deal.

Talking about the incident in Houston, Benny says he got ran up on by some young “short” kid who had him and his man surrounded “like the army” at a parking lot in Walmart. Originally walking to the store, Benny returned to his truck to get his mask and all of a sudden he was told “drop that” and when he looked back he saw the kid with the gun out. After smacking down the gun, Benny attempted to dip but someone else ran up on him and shot him in the leg.

Explaining why he was crying in the studio with Hit-Boy when they were crafting “Thank God I Made It,” Benny says he realized at that moment that he didn’t have to go back to hustling now that he’s a rap star and the feeling overwhelmed him at the moment. He tried to hide his tears from Hit-Boy but obviously that didn’t work.

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