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For the past few days, Kanye West has been escalating his war of words on Pete Davidson due to his relationship with Kim Kardashian.  And while Ye fans might be willing to ride on Pete if they see him lacking (the man supposedly has security due to Ye’s threats), Yeezy took to Instagram to shut off the green light.

Yesterday (Feb. 14), Ye took to social media to post a message he got from Kardashian (hilariously dubbed “Kim Other Phone”) in which she said he’s “creating a dangerous and scary environment” for Davidson and if someone was to harm the SNL comedian it would be on Kanye’s hands.

Asking his fans to fall back from such actions per his “Wife”‘s request, Ye said he would handle “Skete” personally if he’s to ever get a face-to-face meeting with him and posted a pic of Ving Rhames yoking up Tyrese in Baby Boy.

Yeah, Davidson might have to up his security a bit more now.

The post came after Kanye asked his fans to yell “Kimye forever” at the top of their lungs should they have Pete Davidson in their eyesight. Naturally, this startled Kim who in turn reached out to Kanye in hopes he’d cut out his antics.

Later that day, Kanye sent Kim Kardashian a truck full of roses for Valentine’s Day which prompted social media users to call out Kanye for his abusive and seemingly psychotic behavior towards his ex-wife who’s in a very public relationship with Pete at the moment.

Real talk, this doesn’t seem like it’s going to end well. Now with Julia Fox out the picture, Kanye’s going to have even more time on his hands to sit and think up new and destructive ways to harass both Kim and Pete in the coming days, weeks, and possibly months.

While it might’ve seemed entertaining at first, things really seem to be going into a dark and dangerous place for these three. Pray for them, y’all.

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