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A$AP’s been one of New York’s most prominent artists for a while now but lately he’s been making more noise for being Rihanna’s baby daddy (don’t hate) and with that came all kinds of rumors and slander that one would expect from the hatin’ ass internets.

Recently the A$AP Mob representative swung by Nore’s Drink Champs podcast for an in-depth two-hour interview in which he opens up about all aspects of his life both positive and negative.

From talking about his time locked up in Sweden to of course being in a relationship with the bombshell from Barbados, Rihanna, A$AP Rocky keeps it a buck when touching on subjects that have impacted his young life thus far.

Here are the 6 things we learned from A$AP Rocky on Drink Champs.

A$AP says he met Fabolous at The Rucker when he was 12-years-old. When he asked Fab for an autograph, Fab declined saying “Nah shorty” and A$AP was hella disappointed. Rocky says he went home and tore down the Fab posters he had put up in his room. That 12-year-old wrath is real, b.

A$AP says when he got locked up in Sweden for that drama he got into with a fan, it was racially motivated and that when Trump tweeted his support for A$AP, it lowkey made things worse for him. “That’s when they started to try to like apply pressure to us and all that.” He does agree with Nore that Trump was a “gangsta” for tweeting his support for Rocky. Nah, b. It wasn’t. Just sayin.’

Before he got down with the A$AP crew officially, Rocky says his crew was NDB (a “get money” crew) while A$AP was a “get fly” team. That’s how he ended up meeting A$AP Yams who helped put together the A$AP Mob. Interestingly enough Rocky says that A$AP actually started the skinny jeans trend back in ’05, not Pharrell. He said the A$AP crew was wearing skinny jeans and fitted shirts at a time when baggy was the move and that caught his attention. Eventually he got down with them and brough his rapping ways with him to the click.

Unbeknownst to many, A$AP Rocky is actually a fan of the punk music genre and explains the connection they have with Hip-Hop music. He says one of his favorite band is a Black punk rock band named Bad Brains. Don’t be surprised if they collaborate on a record sometime in the future.

Rocky remembers how Jay-Z reacted to one of his rhymes in which he lowkey took a shot at Ace of Spades. Rocky says he didn’t know Jay owned the brand and when Jay heard the line, he spoke to some A$AP members and asked them “Ya man, wassup that line?” Of course it didn’t get serious as A$AP didn’t mean to take a shot at Jay of course.

Touching on his relationship with Rihanna, of course A$AP is a happy man right now regardless of what the internets is throwing at them saying, “f**k what the outside world think and shit like that. It’s really about an understanding between two components, you and your significant other.” As for her carrying his baby, Rocky says he’s “proud” to be starting a family with her. Well, duh. Dudes is waiting on A$AP to mess up to pounce on Rihanna regardless of how many months she’s into her pregnancy.

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