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For a while now sneakerheads have been complaining that their sneaker orders have been disappearing whenever FedEx is tasked with delivering their grails. It seems like they’re finally being heard as the delivery service is taking a new step to ensure their customers get their footwear delivered.

According to Business Wire, FedEx will begin taking pictures of their delivered packages that don’t require a signature to show and prove that their drivers didn’t pocket the package and show the customers exactly where it was left. Unfortunately that leaves the door open for a neighbor or someone just passing by to up and take the goods once FedEx drivers leave the scene. Still, the higher ups at FedEx feel this is the best way for their customers to know the job was done properly as it’s something they’ve been asking for.

“This is something e-commerce merchants and customers have been asking for, and we are proud to be the first to announce this service will be available to residential customers,” said Brie Carere, Chief Customer Officer, FedEx. “Receiving visual confirmation that the package has arrived gives peace of mind to both merchants and consumers, and we are thrilled to give them that confidence.”

Yeah, we’re going to be asking for signatures from here on because if your neighbors know you’re a sneaker head and they see a big box just laying on your front door, it’s a wrap, b. Still, it’s a start as FedEx was becoming notorious for missing sneaker packages over the past few years especially whenever a hype drop hit the streets.

Many a sneaker head would take to social media to complain their Travis Scott Jordans or Off-White Dunks went missing once Nike shipped their orders through FedEx.

Picture Proof of Delivery will be available soon to FedEx Delivery Manager users in select markets, followed by a general release in the United States and Canada just in time for the busy holiday shipping season. You can find detailed information at

Is this something you’re good with or do you still think FedEx and other delivery services need to step up their game in other ways? Let us know in the comments section below.

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