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Looks like Kanye West is about to get into the automobile game and we ain’t talking about collecting classic cars.

According to Yahoo Money, Yeezy is making the leap from the fashion industry to the car manufacturing business as he’s creating a “Donda Foam Vehicle” and has hired sneaker designer Steven Smith as the head of “Donda Industrial Design” to help get the project off the ground. Sneaker designer creating luxury automobiles? Might end up putting air bubbles on the tires or something. FOX News does say that the “vehicle features a cab-forward design and a slab-sided passenger compartment with an extra-long wheelbase and oversize “tweels”.

What’s a “tweel”? Well, it’s an “airless tires and wheel combination that uses flexible spokes instead of an air-filled chamber and can continue to work when punctured.” Sounds like some military ish.

A concept design was released to show the silhouette of what may come of Donda Industrial Design and it seems like something that you might see rolling around Gotham City when the Bat Signal shines in the sky.

Will it come in a “Bred” colorway though? Y’all know those be the most popular out in these streets.

Though it’s called a “Foam Vehicle” we can’t possibly imagine it’ll be made of foam as it’ll make it that much easier to break into. Then again it just might have some kind of foam interior or exterior as Kanye has been rubbing elbows with the likes of Elon Musk and it’s a real possibility that he’ll be lending his talents to Yeezus to make his automobile dreams into a reality.

Wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be a Republican Presidential ticket come 2024.

You have to wonder if Kanye makes these as limited as some of his Yeezy Boosts if heads will run out and try to get one before they sell out.

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