2nd Avenue Subway Train Opens

Source: Andrew Lichtenstein / Getty

Soon New Yorkers will be able to stay social while traveling underground. The New York City MTA is working on providing service for locals in between train stops.

As per Gothamist New York will have bars no matter what iron horse they ride. The Metropolitan Transit Authority is once again partnering with 5G wireless infrastructure vendor Transit Wireless to ensure connectivity no matter where commuters are in their public transportation journey. “Bringing cell connectivity to the tunnels between stations and Wi-Fi to above-ground stations is a major step forward in enhancing transit riders’ experience,” MTA Chair and CEO Janno Lieber said in a statement. “And the deal MTA has landed will also help the MTA’s bottom line – a major concern as the pandemic winds down.”

While the move aims to improve the commuter experience and increase revenue it also allows riders to dial for help in case of emergency. Earlier this year a mass shooting occurred on F line taking the lives of several people on board. The suspect is currently awaiting trial in the same holding facility as R. Kelly. At this time it is unclear when uninterrupted service will be available throughout the entire New York City transit network.


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