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Earlier this year Kanye West found himself in legal hot water when he laid out a fan who asked him for an autograph at the worst possible time, but luckily Ye won’t be facing any charges for letting his “gangsta” out the cage.

According to Page Six, a spokesperson for the LA City Attorney’s Office told them that Kanye would not be charged for the January incident as their investigation of the incident led them to believe that there would be “no reasonable likelihood of conviction.” Kanye West’s attorney, Michael Goldstein weighed in on the decision saying “We are satisfied with this resolution as it recognizes my client did nothing wrong.”

The criminal defense lawyer then alleges that “video and photographs provided to the City Attorney’s office confirmed that this particular individual followed my client to three different locations over a short period of time and ultimately waited for him at his hotel where he approached my client at 3 a.m. [local time]. He once again entered my client’s personal space, which was unacceptable.”

The incident happened in January when a man approached Kanye West for an autograph but was apparently turned down by Ye and an argument ensued. At the time, Kanye West was more focused on breaking up Kim Kardashian’s relationship with her new beau Pete Davidson so y’all know his mind was in a darker place than usual. A video of the encounter leaked onto the internet and though the punch wasn’t captured on film, the aftermath of the encounter surely was as the man was already laid out on the ground.

West could be heard in the clip yelling at the female staffer, “Get away from me,” as she tried to calm him down and said, “Give me your hand.”

“No, get away from me!” he then responded in rage. “Ain’t no hands, ain’t no hands.”

Page Six learned soon after that the alleged victim had attempted to get West’s autograph on two separate occasions. West’s lawyer clarified to us Tuesday that the man was an autograph broker.

Apparently the man had approached Kanye West for his John Hancock at Craig’s in LA and then asked him again outside of Delilah two days later. That’s when Yeezy apparently had enough and gave him something to remember him by forreal forreal.

Though Kanye has dodged a legal bullet for now don’t be surprised if the autograph broker ends up suing Kanye West for putting hands on him at some point.

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