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One of the culture’s greatest minds is working on evening the playing field for marginalized communities. Pharrell Williams is launching a creative agency that will create solutions for these individuals.

As per Hype Beast the Virginia native is getting into the advertising industry but with a philanthropic lens. This week he announced the inception of Mighty Dream. As per the formal press release, the company will address problems that affect marginalized communities and work with different brands to concept products that solve the problems. Mighty Dream will be housed under Edelman, an American public relations and marketing consultancy firm. Pharrell Williams will serve as co-chair and founder alongside Lisa Osborne Ross, CEO of Edelman U.S.

“It is probably the most important thing I’ve done in my 30-something-year career,” Ross told Adweek. “As a woman and as a woman of color in my role and in this industry, it’s my very firm belief that businesses have not only the opportunity but also the responsibility to drive change.”

Skateboard P also shared his enthusiasm in a formal statement. “If someone asks me what inspires me, I always say, ‘That which is missing.’ It’s the clearest path to being additive to society and finding new solutions for real problems,” said Williams, who will serve as co-chair and founder of the new entity. He added, “Mighty Dream aims to create what’s missing: in creativity, in advocacy, in society.”

Todd Triplett, TikTok’s head of Creative Lab, is Mighty Dream’s first hire.

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