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New Yorkers were heartbroken when the Philadelphia Eagles eliminated the New York Giants from the playoffs a few weekends ago. But when the Empire State Building lit up in green and white lights to celebrate the Eagles making it to the Super Bowl this past Sunday night, Big Apple residents were enraged and screamed betrayal at whoever pulls the switches over at the iconic building.

According to the Gothamist, New Yorkers weren’t too thrilled to see their iconic building beaming in the colors of our football team’s division rival. Especially after Philly caught a break and injured San Francisco’s only two quarterbacks on the roster to punch their ticket to the big game. (That game was hella lame as a result).

Many Giants fans expressed dismay that that the city’s iconic building was celebrating their rival.

City councilmember Keith Powers called the move “absolutely ridiculous” on Twitter.

The city’s Department of Sanitation, which also uses green and white colors, encouraged New Yorkers to pretend the lights were supporting New York’s Strongest.

Yeah, we can’t just pretend this is celebrating our hardworking men and women over at New York City’s Sanitation department. Heads should roll over this! Would they have done the same thing had Giant’s rivals (the Dallas Cowboys) made it to the Super Bowl? They might’ve enraged New Yorkers even more.

While we certainly didn’t appreciate the move made over at 20 W 34th Street, some New Yorkers took things a step further and made their way into the building demanding the lights be changed and whoever runs their Twitter page be fired for the stunt.

We’re willing to bet at least a few of these people were in attendance at the Jan. 6th insurrection. Just sayin.’

Apparently the folks over at the Empire State Building planned on lighting up the building in the colors of whoever won the NFC Championship game. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the Giants’ division rival. Taking to Twitter to mock the outcry the move generated, a representative for the Empire State Building posted a video of himself fake crying while saying “Life is so unfair!”

That fool lowkey looks like Bradley Cooper so you know he’s an Eagles fan. Yes, everyone that looks like Bradley “Super Eagles Fan” Cooper is also an Eagles fan. That’s just hood science at this point. That goes for both men and women.

To be fair, later that night the building also lit up in red and gold to celebrate the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, but we don’t care about that.

What do y’all think about the move made at the Empire State Building? Fair or foul? Did New Yorkers overreact? Let us know in the comments section below.

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