Humboldt Family Farms St. Patrick's Day

Humboldt Family Farms, one of the top brands cultivating cannabis in California’s famed Humbolt County, has a brilliant idea for folks to celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Instead of reaching for sips and suds, Humboldt Family Farms wants you to trade the usual for another kind of sticky green leaf if you catch our drift.

Humboldt Family Farms was established in 2007 by founder Scott Vasterling and stands out as one of the premier locations to obtain high-quality cannabis. From flower, pre-rolls, and vape cartridges, the brand has just about everyone covered when it comes to getting their medicine via their preferred method.

Last fall, HFF rolled out a variety of new products to the market with delivery options in some regions. Check out the offerings below:

Humboldt Family Farms St. Patrick's Day

Premium Flower

The Original F1 Blue Dream Premium Flower: A fan-favorite Sativa dominant hybrid delivering a balanced high with stimulating cerebral effects, thanks to the terpenes Pinene and Myrcene. On the farm for over 12 years, this legendary flower delivers a sweet fruity aroma and keeps you in a good mood.

The Original Galaxy OG Premium Flower: This Indica dominant hybrid was brought to Humboldt in 1996 and has been a favorite ever since. Offering the quintessential terpene profile of Caryophyllene, Limonene and Myrcene, this strain provides a completely relaxing, chill vibe.

Vape Cartridges

The Original Train Wreck Vape Cartridge: Starting with 100% Humboldt flower and extracted by Emerald Cup Winning Arcata X, this vape cartridge was created by extracting and refining the terpene profile to reveal a rare co-dominant terpene, Ocimene, which presents a calming effect. Terpinolene, the primary terpene, provides energy and creativity. This sweet-tropical flower-forward Sativa provides a calm, inspiring and euphoric effect.

The Original Galaxy OG Vape Cartridge: This strain has been extremely sought after, as it has been cultivated by Humboldt farmers for generations and with the vape cartridge, you can enjoy it on the go. To deliver the highest quality product, Emerald Cup winning Arcata X used 100% Humboldt-grown Cannabis for extraction. Just like the flower, this Indica dominant Hybrid vape cartridge delivers a relaxing and mellow experience.


Galaxy OG & Saphire Tsu Pre-Roll: This collaborative joint is a perfect blend of 50% Saphire Tsu from Neukom Family Farms and 50% Galaxy OG from Humboldt Family Farms. This Indica leaning pre-roll is nearly 3:1 THC:CBD and certainly provides a relaxed and blissful effect.

The Blue Dream & Maui Waui Pre-Roll: This quintessential Sativa dominant pre-roll is how it has been enjoyed on the farm for over a decade, offering the perfect balance of fruity flavors with a heady high that is sure to please and set you at ease.

Pretty cool, right?

While we’re certainly not going to avoid all the green beer and cocktails this St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Humboldt Family Farms and its array of options is perfect for swapping out booze for the burn.

Humboldt Family Farms St. Patrick's Day

Learn more about the brand here.

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