Kanye West "All Falls Down" 'jeen yuhs' Moment Was Pure CAP

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One scene from the Kanye West Netflix documentary jeen yuhs is straight C A P, according to one person with direct knowledge of the moment.

According to Wayne’ Wayno” Clark, there are several moments in the jeen yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy that was not accurate.

The scene Clark touches on involves West housing Roc-A-Fella employees at the office by playing “All Falls Down” to several execs, and he notes they heard it several times before.

“It was not like that, bro, because first of all, when I came around — I’m talking about being really, really, inside of Roc-A-Fella — Kanye was already producing. When I had met him, he had just got a tattoo of all the songs he produced on his arm,” Wayno said during a recent Homegrown Radio interview.

“I walked up to him like, ‘Yo you Kanye?’ and he like, ‘Yeah, I rap too.’ He rapped for me, and he just rapped for, like, eight minutes. He would do the same routine for everyone he met,” he added.

“Now, Chaka Pilgrim was the head of marketing at Roc-A-Fella. To this day, she still work with Jay, Beyoncé, all of them. He bust in her office with all the cameras out, he ain’t tell nobody he about to do this or nothing. Bro, mind you, it’s not the first time we heard ‘All Falls Down.’ We been heard ‘All Falls Down.’ He walks out like, ‘Yeah they ain’t feeling me.’ That’s not real.”

This Is Not The First Time Wayno Spoke About That Moment

Just a month after the docuseries’ release, Wayno spoke about the moment on Twitter. “Lmao the context behind this is he played this song in the office and did this with a camera crew like 10x , how many times can you have a crazy reaction to something you’ve heard 10x it was kind of annoying at that point,” he said in a tweet.

In more jeen yuhs news, the woman who made a brief appearance in the visual for “Through The Wire” is suing filmmakers Coodie Simmons and Chike Oza for featuring her in the doc in what she says was an “altered state and not capable of providing consent.”

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