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Living in Miami, Florida, we know that DJ Khaled is living his best life. And while we know he loves himself some swimming pool action, we didn’t know the man was into surfing—even if he’s not the best at it.

Taking to Instagram to share a video of himself attempting to ride those unforgiving waves (there was no waves), the God Did producer shared a not-so-gnarly way to enjoy the sport as he basically face planted into the ocean while trying to get his Kelly Slater on. It. Was. Hilarious (sorry, Khaled).

Unfortunately, surfing while not knowing how to surf does have its consequences. Khaled shared a video of himself being treated for the bumps and bruises he suffered out in the water. You’d think a man who can twerk underwater like a mermaid (or merman) would be able to hang ten with the best of them, but the man basically hung himself and paid the consequences.

Luckily for him, he’s paid enough to treat his “injuries” and shared a post showing exactly how he recovers from the unforgiving sport. Showing himself getting a massage following his crash-and-burn out in the waters, Khaled said his golf game was off due to his surfing injury. In the caption he wrote, “I tried playing today but I had cut the game short I injured my self surfing 🏄‍♂️ yesterday. So I thought I could play through the pain . So I’m get a massage and call dr make sure I’m great . But nothing going stop me from playing golf ⛳ I’ll be back on the course Tomorrow hopefully the pain will go away . If not I’m okay through the pain till I defeat the pain ! love is the only way ! LETS GO GOLFING.”

We can’t say we’ve seen too many surfers/golfers out there who dabble in both sports who can co-sign Khaled’s assessment of how playing in one sport might impact how you play in the other, but DJ Khaled could very well be the Bo Jackson of these arenas. So we’ll have to take his word for it.

After sharing a video of himself getting X-rays, Khaled shared another one (get it?) and explained that the doctors told him he had a big bruise and actually might’ve fractured a bone but will have to run more tests to confirm the diagnosis.

Well, at least he’s good enough to hit those golf courses.

Check out the videos below and let us know if Khaled should leave surfing to the pros or continue on trying to be Aquaman out this b*tch.

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