Pusha T

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While he has been able to hold his own in Rap beefs Pusha T newest enemy are bots. His Twitter was flooded and fans think Drake was behind it.

As spotted on HipHopDX the Virginia Beach, Virginia native face some heavy trolling online on the social media platform. On Sunday, July 16 multiple Twitter accounts unleashed a series of insults aimed at the “Hear Me Clearly” rapper under a post originally made by @RapTV about a Yeat and Lil Uzi Vert song. Each account that participated in the slander featured a name with just a couple a letters and several numbers which is always a tell tale sign that the account is fake.

“Did you know PUSHA T once tripped over his ego” one bot replied. “PUSHA T music is so trash, it makes my ears bleedddd” another bot wrote. More insults came soon after like “I bet PUSHA Ts fans are just as delusional as he is”, “PUSHA Ts music is like a never-ending loop of disappointment” and a very creep pedo allegation “I bet you like the smell of kids bicycle seats.”

Naturally the cyberattack was picked up by the Hip-Hop community and their Twitter fingers quickly pointed to Drake. While the two have seemingly moved on from their Rap beef fans think that Drizzy’s fingerprints all over this job. But if you have done the math you are aware that the Pusha T’s original beef with was Lil Wayne. Back in the day The Clipse felt Weezy jacked their swag; specifically their preference for BAPE clothing. Several shots were sent Wayne’s way throughout that period prompting Drake to jump in. The rest is history.

You can view the bots in action below.

Photo: CBS

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