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Last night’s inescapable TV drama was troubled R&B singer Chris Brown’s appearance on Larry King Live. While presumably, the exclusive interview was an attempt to restore his career, the Internet meme that has emerged around it is Brown’s somewhat bizarre choice of wardrobe – in particular, his baby blue bow tie.

In fact, the hashtag #chrisbrownsbowtie has been atop Twitter trending topics since the interview aired, evolving mostly into tweets using the term in humorous context.

A few choice tweets:

#chrisbrownsbowtie can beat up Chuck Norris with a single glance..

#itmightbeover when we love #chrisbrownsbowtie more than we love him

TMZ just released cell phone video of #chrisbrownsbowtie dunking on Lebron in a recent scrimmage

There has even been a conversation started between Chris Brown’s Bow tie and Larry King’s suspenders.

Regardless of what you thought of Brown’s appearance, this is almost certainly not what he had in mind. It goes to show how quickly one seemingly small detail can quickly evolve into an Internet phenomenon at the speed of real-time.

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