Actor Jonathan Majors Arrives At Court For Closing Arguments In Domestic Violence Trial

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Two women who have been previously involved with Jonathan Majors have now come forward publicly with allegations of abuse by the movie star.

A new report from the New York Times released on Thursday (Feb. 8) has revealed that two former girlfriends of actor Jonathan Majors have come forward to publicly accuse him of abuse. Emma Duncan, who was engaged to Majors from 2015 to 2019, and Maura Hooper who dated Majors from 2013 to 2015 are the women who made their claims to the press. The allegations come two months after the former Marvel actor was convicted in New York on charges of reckless assault and harassment of his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari stemming from an incident last March.

The women initially gave accounts of their experiences with him in interviews and statements delivered to the court before Majors’ trial under the Molineux rule which allowed the court to determine if the prosecution could submit evidence to show a past pattern of behavior. Duncan stated that Majors was emotionally abusive during their relationship, and had also choked and bruised her at several points in addition to making disturbing threats against her. Priya Chaudhry, Majors’ defense attorney, said in a statement that Majors denied those acts but also said he was “choosing to take responsibility for his own part in that toxic relationship, focusing on himself, and addressing his lifelong depression.”

Hooper’s statement also contained allegations of emotional abuse directed towards her by Majors while they were students at the Yale School of Drama, including one instance where he told her he’d “rip you out of my heart the way they ripped our baby out of you” about an abortion she had months into their relationship. Chaudhry’s statement says that Majors remembers the “mutually intense conversations” but “regrets saying hurtful things.” Ultimately, the court didn’t allow the statements to be entered into evidence.

In separate statements to the New York Times, two women who worked on the set of HBO’s Lovecraft Country with Majors in 2019 delivered statements of their confrontational experiences with Majors which made for a “hostile work environment.” Multiple women crew members had complained to higher-ups at the network about his behavior, forcing HBO to compel him to deliver an apology to the women, which he reportedly did so gruffly, saying it was “a misunderstanding.” Chaudhry said that Majors had “never been told that anyone objected to his behavior.”

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