Bear Expert Confirms Men Are Bigger Threats To Woman

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A huge debate on TikTok has been settled regarding bears, men, and who women feel is safer around.

A video of a TikToker asking women on the street if they would feel safer alone in the woods with a bear or with an unknown man, and every woman, except one, resoundingly chose the bear.

As expected, men were in their feelings at the idea of women choosing to be alone with a bear rather than be in the presence of an unknown man due to understandable concerns of safety cause, and historically, men are nuts.

Well, TMZ spoke with a wildlife ecologist who is an expert on bears, and she broke down why the women choosing the bear are not far off in their assessment of men as the more significant threat.

Per TMZ:

Rae Wynn-Grant — a wildlife ecologist who got her PhD in all things bears — laid it out for TMZ … telling us these animals want nothing to do with humans in the wild and avoid us at all costs… unless food is involved, of course. She can’t say the same for guys.

Wynn-Grant also says the data is unequivocally in favor of bears over men, and if she had to choose, of course, she would want to be alone with the bear.

Well, there you have it.

You can see her break it down in her own words in the video below.

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