Well, 50 Cent and The Game seem to agree on one thing…

On this new song, “Flight 187”  50 Cent adopts an Emimen-type flow to take shots at  everyone from Jay-Z to his baby momma. Curtis has gone from the subliminal barbs to calling out names in order to set-up his book, The 50th Law and the accompanying mixtape.

The video is pretty intense and appears to incorporate scenes from the Nicholas Cage film, Knowing towards the end.

“Man, Dre won’t mix my records, now I got to talk to Jimmy.”

“While Jay’s rockin’ that Urkel look, isn’t he from Marcy…they say he’s growin’ dreads and now he’s talkin’ like a yardie. Man, everything is changing I don’t understand a thing…”

– 50 Cent

Watch 50 Cent and Robert Green discuss their new book.

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