Move over Mel Gibson–Denzel Washington is our newest post-apocalyptic Road Warrior.  In the upcoming thriller The Book of Eli, the actor stars as Eli, a one-man army marching through what’s left of America after a devastating war has reduced much of the country to ruin.  Before you say, “Hey, that sounds just like The Road!,” which we previewed in this space last week, there is one major difference between that film and this one and it has to do with the titular tome.  Apparently, Eli is carrying a book that holds the secret to rescuing the human race from extinction.  Also unlike The Road, The Book of Eli appears to be a rock ’em sock ’em action movie, with Denzel taking on all comers with nifty martial arts moves and a bow and arrow.  The film marks the return of the long-absent filmmaking team The Hughes Brothers (best known for their blistering debut film, Menace II Society), who haven’t made a flick together since 2001’s From Hell.  Starring alongside Washington are Gary Oldman, Malcolm McDowell and Mila Kunis.  Look for The Book of Eli in theaters on January 15, 2010.

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