In an interview for Cool of the production duo Cool & Dre recalls how a beat meant for The Game ended up on Scarface’s “Forgot About Me” from Emeritus thanks to Lil Wayne.

“… We sent that beat to The Game before his last album and a few weeks before that we sent it to Wayne, but he never hit us back about it. We later learned that when you give Lil Wayne some beats, just forget about those beats. Take it off the block, it is no longer available. The way he is, you’ll give him 14 beats an he’ll record to all 14 and use them on a Young Money album, Baby’s album, etc. Unless you are there in person with Wayne and he says he’s not fuckin with it, that’s Wayne’s beat. So we gave him a bunch of beats on a CD and that beat was on there. We never heard anything back and gave it to Game and he calls us back saying this beat is crazy! [Then] we find out that Wayne was using it for Carter III. They were like it’s on the tracklisting, etc. Wayne loved it. So we were like “Fuck it, we gotta break Game the bad news.” I had to call Game and he was all upset about it, he was gonna make it a single, etc. I told him we’d make it up to him, we’ll give you something hotter. That incident was the birth of “Big Dreams.” If Game hadn’t been so upset, “Big Dreams” wouldn’t have been made. Once he heard “Big Dreams” he forgot about “Forgot About Me.” [laughs] Next thing we know the Carter III comes out and it’s not even on there! Scarface wanted to do a track with Lil Wayne and he was like “I gotta track for you.” So it went on Emeritus.

To read about Cool & Dre’s work on Lil Wayne’s “Rebirth” project and Latifah’s newest, Persona, click HERE.

Scarface f/ Lil Wayne and Bun B, “Forgot About Me”

The Game, “Big Dreams”

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