6 years ago Jay-Z had a line in “La, La, La” in which he said “don’t confuse me with Marbury out this bitch, run up on me at the light you might lose you life.” Now Marbury is finally responding. Here’s what he had to say

“You ain’t gonna kill nobody. You was not doing no life sentence in jail for the rest of your life. Let’s stop that, stop tricking people. Stop making people believe that. That’s foolishness, that’s exactly what that is. You know you not shooting and killing nobody, you don’t got no heart to shoot nobody in they brains right in front of them and say ‘Okay, bring me to jail,’ whatchu gonna do, go run? Where you gonna run, where you gonna run from? Everybody know you, they see your face, they know you. ‘That’s the camel, he right over there.'”

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