Within the span of his rap career, Killer Mike has built a reputation and following that has earned him a solid standing among music fans.

Now, the Atlanta rapper is literally expanding his horizons with a new moniker, Mike Bigga.

According to Bigga, the decision to drop his former name has been bubbling for quite some time.

“I wanted to do it for a long time,” Mike Bigga, p/k/a Killer Mike told “I read all the comments on AllHipHop and all the other sites. And I love how smart the hip-hop fans are and they say ‘Man, this guy is dope. Why he so slept on.’ Then, it always be a comment under there that be like ‘I don’t suppose the name Killer Mike be holding him back? You can’t get corporate sponsorship with that.’ (laughs)”

Bigga opted for the new name as a reflection of his current mind state, one that reflects his desire to leave a bigger mark on the rap community.

“I’m going with the name Mike Bigga because I really feel like I’m bigger than what I have been in the past and I’ve managed to get legendary status from being a raw rap guy in terms of being able to come out of the shadows of the hardships I’ve had,” the entertainer said as he referenced recent tragedies that have occurred in his area.

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