Check out the trailer for Paranormal Activity, the first horror movie of the year that’s genuinely scary.

If you’re the kind of person that gets freaked out by creaks and bumps in the dead of night, you may have trouble falling asleep for at least a week after watching the low-budget horror film Paranormal Activity.  Made for only $10,000, this haunted house tale offers more chills than any studio-produced scary movie released so far this year.  Using the first-person point-of-view approach popularized by The Blair Witch Project, first-time director Oren Peli tells the story of a pair of lovebirds (Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat) who purchase a video camera to record the strange, possibly supernatural goings-on in their home.  The haunting starts small with loud noises in the hallway and doors that swing open and shut mysteriously, but quickly escalates into far stranger and spookier occurances.  Don’t expect any Saw-like bloodshed: this is one of those horror films where the scares are based on what you don’t see.  Opening in extremely limited release this Friday, Paranormal Activity is following a unique distribution strategy that asks moviegoers to log onto the film’s official website and demand that it come to their hometown.  So check out the trailer below and if you like what you see, hit the web to bring the movie to a theater near you.

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