Lamar Odom finally talks about his marriage and he’s obviously lying. First sign he’s lying is that he keeps touching his face and licking his lips. The second sign is that he won’t make eye contact with the person interviewing him.

Here are 3 way to tell someone is lying from Forbes 10 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying

Eye Contact

A subject’s failure to make eye contact is often sign of deceit, say both former NYPD officer Parker and former CIA agent Moran.

If you notice Odom keeps looking down and around without making eye contact with the interviewer.

Watch Body Language

Derrick Parker, a 20-year veteran of the New York Police Department and co-author of Notorious C.O.P., says to look for physical clues, especially sweating and fidgeting.

Lamar Odom is constantly licking his lips and touching his face while moving his tongue around his mouth.

Listen for the Pause

Forced to make up a story on the spot, most speakers will take a beat or two to collect their thoughts.

If you notice, Odom pauses before each answer.

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