Everyone wants a soundtrack to their life so what does TI.’s latest, Paper Trail, inspire us to do?

I’m Illy

This must be T.I’s version of Lil Wayn’es “A Milli” cuz it’s a landslide candidate for rhyme of the month. This southern-flavored Timberland and hoodie track will have you miming in the mirror like Eminem in 8 Mile.

On Top of The World f/ Ludacris

If you don’t want to go broke hide your wallet while this song is playing. After Luda’s declaration that he “gave Bill Gates some binoculars and said look out for me…” you’ll want to go blow your paycheck on some Wu-Tang Dunks or other dumb shit just to keep up. See also “Every Chance I Get.”

Whatever You Like

Bark like a dog…a big dog. Sorry, can’t get the wedding scene from Coming To America out of my head while this is playing. So I guess you should break out the Honey Do list and clean out the gutters.

No Matter What

Drumma Boy’s organ-wrapped percussion gives this cut a ghetto funeral march feel. So after you’ve loosened the tie on your suit and paid your final respects pour out a little for your homie and let the chorus of “I Ain’t Dead, I Ain’t Done, I Ain’t Scared, I Ain’t Run, so Still I Stand...” play on repeat. See also “Dead And Gone.”

Porn Star

The instructions are pretty clear on this. It’s the end of the night, you’ve been spittin’ game while she’s been sippin’ ‘pagne. So get your man to drive her girl home, tip the valet well and pull over to the nearest dark lot and fog up the windows.

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Slide Show

For those of us who don’t have to be mandated by a judge to do community service this is what you play on the way to talk to that group of teenagers at the group home or volunteer at the soup kitchen. Maybe Tip will get a few days shaved off of his sentence for this one. Good deal.

You Ain’t Missin’ Nothing

If you know anyone incarcerated, write them now. Not now, but WRITE now.

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