Founding Fat Boys member Prince Markie Dee has laid out a public challenge to WWE Hall of Famer The Iron Sheik to engage in a charity wrestling match.

The origins of the “feud” stems from what Markie Dee calls “racist comments” that the Iron Sheik made to him on Twitter.

The Iron Sheik is known in the wrestling community as an eccentric character outside of the ring, and he hammered the original Fat Boy with several tweets last week.

“F**k you I am the legend. I am the Hall of Fame,” Iron Sheik stated. “You like Jake Roberts don’t put me over you try to put yourself over. F**k you. You don’t respect the legend you never make the money you need to be f**ked in the ass and be humbled you lowlife. You fat no good fat black motherf**ker. You don’t respect the legend take a f**king walk you son of a b***h. I love the god and Jesus.”

According to Fat Boys manager Louis L. Gregory, MMA fighter Frank Trigg has offered to train Prince Markie Dee for the proposed fight.

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