Every night, The Urban Daily’s resident TV blogger, Kevin L. Clark, gives you his What To Watch rundown for everything on point that’s on television. Here’s what you should check out for Tuesday, October 7th!

Eaten Alive, ANIMAL, 7:00pm –

If you thought that The Happening had some freaky death scene, then you need to get your voyeurism taken to the next level with Animal Planet’s Eaten Alive. On tonight’s episode, the station best known for lions, tigers and bears discusses creatures that can live in the human body and the harm (and help) that they can do. Tune in to Eaten Alive at 7:00pm on Animal Planet.

Biggest Loser: Families, NBC, 8:00pm –

A part of me believes that they took of Fox’s Moment of Truth due to how much honesty really sucks on reality TV. So, a new part of my TV fixation is to watch NBC’s Biggest Loser the family edition. One team gets a chance to rest and relax at home while the other spends 24-hours with a trainer. Be sure to see how health plays itself out on NBC!

2008 Presidential Debate, CNN, 9:00pm –

You can honestly catch this on all of the big channels from Fox to NBC, but I say go with CNN because afterwards their team gives you the facts and a concise analyst of what each candidate has implied with their higher education vocab. Tonight, Barack Obama and John McCain go for round 2 and I’m sure the bailout will be a huge conversational piece. This is a DEFINITE must watch for tonight at 9:00pm!

Chris Rock: Kill the Messenger, HBO, 10:00pm –

If you haven’t seen Chris Rock’s newest HBO comedy special, in my opinion, you’re not missing much. But the Brooklyn-born, well traveled truth-seller has upped the ante by going intercontinental with his humor. Performing in South Africa, London and at the Apollo Theater, Rock muses over black relationships, interracial dating and the 2008 Presidential election and more, tonight, on HBO.

The Daily Show, Comedy Central, 11:00pm

Get your debate recap with Jon Stewart and The Daily Show crew. With the hilarity that came from last week’s Palin commentary, Stewart and company hope to continue this brand of comedy all the way till November 3rd. Meanwhile, you can stay hip to what’s going on in the world by tuning into The Daily Show on Comedy Central at 11:00pm.

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