A concert featuring Akon and T-Pain turned into pandemonium Sunday (October 25) that left 18 people injured in Melbourne, Australia.

The pair were headlining a concert at the HiSense Arena when rival gangs began brawling in the audience.

Nine people and two security guards were taken to the hospital in six ambulances, where they received treatment for lacerations, bruises and other minor injuries.

Akon leapt from the stage during his performance in an attempt to quell the violence, which continued throughout the remainder of the concert, which cost fans up to $125 dollars-per ticket.

“I don’t know if y’all know hard it took me to get here,” Akon said from the shoulders of a burly security guard. “It took me almost two years for Australia to let me back in the country and I’m not going to let them f**k up our concert tonight.”

One man was arrested for assaulting and knocking a security guard unconsciousness, while another six people reported injuries, but refused treatment.

According to reports, it took Akon almost two years to receive his work permit in Australia, due to his prior criminal record.

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