According to a post on’s blog from The Belizean Shyne will be deported to Belize on Wednesday but may relocate to a country in the Caribbean like Jamaica to continue his recording career:

“A television station controlled by the ruling United Democratic Party of Prime Minister Dean Barrow who is Jamal’s father, reported today that the 31 year old rapper has been expelled from the U.S. and will arrive in Belize on Wednesday via a Continental Airlines flight from Houston.

The station reports that Jamal’s dad Prime Minister Barrow and his uncle Michael Finnegan (born Michael Myvett) will be on hand to receive Shyne at the Belize City airport. Mr. Finnegan, a close associate of the Prime Minister of Belize and member of the Belize Cabinet responsible for housing, has built an extension to his house in Belize City for Jamal. Mr. Finnegan raised Jamal in Belize before his emigration to the U.S.

One Belize radio station is reporting that rather than immediately attempting to emigrate to Europe to re-start his rapping career, Shyne will now try to utilize his Belize passport to move to a Caribbean country such as Jamaica to use as a base for re-igniting his recording career.”

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