“Me and the boy A.I. got more in common than just ballin and rhymin…” – Jay-Z, “Super Ugly”

There will be ballin’. There will be rivalries. There will be some swinging of the fists and there will be some showboating. This is not a rap concert…this is the National Basketball Association.

The relationship between rap and basketball has always been one that causes double-takes because of how similar the cast of characters is on each side.  The NBA has a Jay-Z, a Weezy, and a Yeezy. But you know them under their professional basketball names: Jordan, James and Kobe. In recognition of the 09-10 season, Hood Newz has compiled a list of basketball greats and found their bizzaro rap counterpart.  Correct me if we’re wrong , but…we’re not. Check it.

Kenyon Martin = The Game

Whether you like him or not, his erratic behavior is entertaining.

Richard Hamilton = Ludacris

People overlook this funny looking player, until he hits the shots that remind you he’s not be fucked with.

Starks & Oakley = Rae and Ghost

Representatives of a gritty NY at it finest.

Michael Jordan = Jay-Z

When he came back wearing the 4-5, he didn’t to play games with you.

Mickael Pietrus = Hurricane Chris

People think he can’t play, but he’s a lot better than people think.

Ray Allen = Nas

This fan fave is one of  “the” five best shooters in history…and still hitting it when it counts.

Stockton/Malone = Epmd

One legend needed the other to keep that consistency going for so long.

Stephon Marbury = DMX

One of these dominating figures of the late 90’s has gone completely bonkers at the expense of his career.  Guess which one?

Robert Horry = Fat Joe

A veteran who, whether you like him or not, delivers a hit when it counts.

Chicago Bulls 90’s = Roc-A-Fella

…witness a dynasty like no other.

Tony Parker = Lupe Fiasco

A very good player who came in under a championship team and has kept it consistent ever since.

Allen Iverson = Cam’Ron

If he could just adjust his style to go with his potential, he would be hands down one of the greatest.

Carmelo Anthony = T.I.

He’s one of the best players in the game today, but the other two best guys prohibit him from being hands down THE best.

Larry Bird = Eminem

Dominant white guy in a field dominated by bros..

Ron Artest = Beanie Segal

Great team asset with a short temper and questionable outside activities.

Lebron James = Lil Wayne

Overexposed, exceptional at what he does and the fans love it.

Chris Paul = Drake

Potential to be one of the future greats.

N.W.A = Detroit Bad Boys 1989

A talented bunch of  *****z with attitude.

Charles Barkley = Ice Cube

A legend who never asked to be liked.

Tim Duncan = Fabolous

Extremely effective, but over looked due to lack of spunk.

Sam Booey = Canibus

A bust of the highest magnitude.

Chauncey Billups = Young Jeezy

Consistent all around threat who’s overlooked, yet is one of the 3 best in his position.

The Dream Team = Death Row Records

Hard to believe that at one point in time, some of the greatest ever were on one team during the prime of their career.

Rasheed Wallace = Mobb Deep

Rugged, consistent contributor to the game entering the twilight of a great career.

Stephen Jackson = Young buck

Nuff said!!

50 Cent = Shaq O’Neil

Dominant player who changed the game and refuses to call it quits despite being criticized as  past his prime.

Big L= Len Bias

Great potential gone before it could blossom into franchise player. By 1995 both Jay-Z (MJ) and Big L (Bias) made an appearance in New York’s 89.9 and performed a classic freestyle that left audiences believing that not only that these two would go on towards greatness, but that Big L would be eventually flourish into a franchise player able to take his team (DITC) to the promise land.

Steve Francis and Cuttino Mobley = Red & Meth

Well respected contributors to their respective units who’d prefer to play with each other than with other players.

Kobe Bryant = Kanye West

Like Kobe, Kanye came off the bench of a dynasty and worked his way up.

Like Kobe, Kanye delivered 3 back to back rings in the form of 3 platinum plus classic albums.

Like Kobe, his 4th ring was a breeze in a climate where he was left unchallenged.

Like Kobe, Kanye’s confidence in his abilities combined with his work ethic make him the one to beat in his field.

Like Kobe, he has managed to leave his peers in the dust with A-level performance in all categories.

Like Kobe, we hate to see him win, but he earns it.

Like Kobe, Jordan purists refuse to acknowledge that he may be the best in this era.

Extra tidbit: Since his arrival in 2004, Kanye West has scored 28 hits on billboards rythmatic airplay charts. Wests’ total matches Lil Wayne [Lebron] for the most hits in that span and ties 50 Cent [Shaq] and Jay-Z [Jordan] for third most appearances this decade.

Dr.Jay = Rakim

Considered the greatest, before others were.

Dikembe Mutombo = Busta Rhyme

Entertaining to watch, but waaay past his prime on the court.

Hakeem Olajuwon = KRS-ONE

People tend to forget how really good he was.

Kareem = LL

One of the greatest of all time…with decent movie parts

Phil Jackson = Dr.Dre

Decent player, excellent coach helping keep LA relevant.

Bernard King = Big Daddy Kane

King was knocking down 55 points before MJ made it nothing.

Tracy McGrady = Juelz

The most talented underachiever in the game.

Shawn Kemp = Lloyd Banks/

Signs of greatness, swept away overnight.

Jason Williams = Alchemist

Caucasian contributor with soul, not be fucked with.

Super funky fresh shout out to C.Barnes, Paul Bunyan, No ID, Jah,  Don Carlos, LoM3 and  Burnitdown for farticipation on this list.

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