Here’s Jay Z and Beanie Sigel in better days. I was always hoping Jay and Beans would do an album with Scarface. Hopefully they can settle their differences and make it happen.

Beanie Sigel Disses Jay-Z

1. What We Do Is Wrong.

This song is a dope hard-core song, dealing with the questionable morality of dealing drugs.

2. Guess Who’s Back ft Scarface

Great song, dope beat by Kanye. Jay, Face and Beans all go in on this track

3. This Can’t Be Life.

Jay, Beans and Face illustrate the harsher aspects of growing up in the hood. My favorite song off The Dynasty.

4. Some How Some Way

When Jay gets with Beans and Face, he gets off his flossy I got money, glamorize drug dealing steeze and gets back to illustrating the hardship of the ghetto and gets more personal.

5. Where Have You Been

Maybe Jay Z’s most personal song, in the lines of You Must Love Me. Jay and Beans talk about not having a father and how that helped make them who he they. Beans sounds like he’s crying on the song as the emotion of it carries the song.

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