Just like the rest of the world, hip-hop has a proven obsession with Friday The 13th and it’s lead undead character, Jason Voorhees. The list of actual references to the movie is longer than Gucci Mane’s arrest record, but here is a baker’s dozen for you all to chew on. How many more can you add?

Big Daddy Kane, “Ain’t No Half Steppin”

“It’s Friday the 13th and I’m a play Jason.”**

Jay-Z, “Regrets”

My hand got this pistol shakin, cause I sense danger like Camp Crystal Lake...”

Nas, “Made You Look,”(Remix)

“Friday the 13th my CD drop, I rhyme to more Base than EZ Rock,I’m Jason…”

LL Cool J “..357 (Break It On Down)”

“I’m like Jason when he’s chasin’, and Freddy when he’s ready.”

Black Rob, “You Don’t Know Me”

“Straight up out of Crystal Lake just like Jason.”

2pac, “Got My Mind Made Up”

You best believe, to MC’s I’m the deadliest disease / My thoughts rip ya throat and make it hard to breathe / Ya whole camps under siege, and I’m Jason Voorhees.”

Three 6 Mafia “Triple 6 Clubhouse”

“Sick, sadistic, nothing up my sleeve / money booze blazin’ crickets, call me Crow Voorhees….Play!

Bone Thugs N Harmony, “Mind of a Soulja”

“Caught ya slippin’ up out of your game, playa / Wasteland soldier, see what we facin’ / chasin’ po-po out of the hood like Jason”

D12, “I’ll Be Damned”

“Turn around, let me see your nasty ass / Put on a Jason mask while I take off your maxi pads.”

Eminem, “Criminal”

“Shit, half the shit I say, I just make it up/To make you mad, so kiss my white naked ass/And if it’s not a rapper that I’ll make it as/I’mma be a fuckin’ rapist in a Jason mask.”

Geto Boys, “Mind of a Lunatic”

“Flashes. I get flashes of Jason. Give me a knife and a many lives I’m wasting.”

A Tribe Called Quest, “Lyrics To Go”

Bogle at the party then you got the bogle-ation/Decapitatin foes yo as if my name was Jason

Redman, “What You May Say”

“Machete you with a bloody blade, turn this camp into Crystal Lake.”

**It’s not a song but I couldn’t do this list without giving props to DJ Scratch’s now legendary “Imma play Jason” routine..

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