Kendra G. knows some stats. She knows that 43 percent of teenagers between 15 and 19 have had sex at least once. She has a sister who became a teen mom. She also knows that being on the radio means young people are listening and may even do what she says. So she’s charged her young female listeners to not have sex for an entire school year. The kicker? Kendra G. won’t have sex either.

The initiative, called “Abstinence Is Kool,” is odd because it isn’t in response to dire circumstances. The American trend is to sit idle while the problem festers (see: the crack epidemic, Hurricane Katrina, Philly’s violent crime rate), then claim a citywide or national emergency and deploy a thrown-together response. But there’s no teen pregnancy or STD crisis. So why now?

“I give all the credit to God for putting this idea in my heart,” Kendra says. “I knew the type of commitment it would take on my end and the criticism that always comes when you’re trying to make a big difference. So I thought and prayed on it, and decided this is what I’m supposed to do.”

Read more about Kendra G.s abstinence movement here at Philadelphia

The DJ also appeared on NBC to tell host Denise Nakana about her movement. Watch that interview here.

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